20 Clever, Easy Ways To Improve Your Posture You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

2022-08-13 04:28:15 By : Ms. Erica Ho

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If you experience back and neck pain after spending long hours hunched over your desk, you're not alone. Luckily, Amazon has lots of products that can help improve your posture and relieve the painful effects of slouching.

In addition to back and neck pain, the effects of poor posture can include headaches, balance issues, slowed digestion, and heartburn, according to Harvard. However, to relieve those issues and improve your posture over time, you can try adding some of the items on this list to your daily routine. After all, when you're in the zone at work or walking down the street, you may not even be aware that you've started to slouch. That's where many of these products come in — they offer support, help improve spinal alignment, and prevent you from resting in a position that leads to poor posture without you having to constantly remind yourself.

From an adjustable stand that gets your monitor or laptop to the right height to multiple styles of lumbar support so you can find the perfect one for you, these products to improve your posture offer simple and supportive solutions that can make your neck, shoulders, and back not just stand straighter, but also feel better — and most can be had for $30 or less.

Made from lightweight and breathable neoprene, this best-selling posture corrector brace is worn for a few hours each day to improve spinal alignment. The adjustable clavicle brace lets you move freely while you wear it, and it fits comfortably under your clothes, too. "I was skeptical, but after trying it for almost two weeks I noticed significant changes in my posture," wrote one reviewer.

Elevate your computer screen to a more comfortable height with this easy-to-assemble monitor riser. The durable wood riser with steel footing and nonslip padding lifts your laptop or computer monitor into an ergonomic position, and there's room underneath to store small items and increase your desk space. Choose from three sizes.

This adjustable back stabilizer by ACE has dual compression straps and a lumbar pad to support your lower back and abdominals throughout the day. Made from breathable neoprene, the back stabilizer fits snugly while allowing you to stay cool, and it's easy to wear under your everyday clothes.

Make commutes and long car rides more comfortable with this ergonomic car neck pillow which fits on almost all car seats. Covered in breathable fabric, the memory foam neck pillow relieves neck pain and prevents fatigue while driving. The headrest pillow also has two adjustable straps so you can find the best height and fit for you.

With this wobble cushion on your chair, your spine and core muscles engage to keep you balanced. The thick, durable cushion has two textured sides — one is good for balance training and the other offers acupressure benefits. The wobble cushion comes with a pump so you can adjust to the perfect height, and it's available in six colors.

This soft and supportive memory foam pillow helps keep your upper body and spine aligned while you sleep. The comfy pillow has a recessed middle and curved design to gently support your head, neck, and shoulders. There's also a zippered cover made from polyester and rayon that's soft, breathable, and easy to wash.

Make any seat more comfortable with this lightweight lumbar roll that you can place just where you want it. Made from high-density foam, the firm lumbar pillow has an elastic strap that fits on chairs, car seats, and more to support your lower back and improve spinal alignment. The breathable mesh cover is removable and machine washable, too.

Featuring two memory foam sections, this firm gel back support pillow helps relieve upper and lower back pain. The pillow's adjustable straps fit over most seats (including cars) and the easy-to-clean neoprene cover prevents slipping and keeps you extra comfy. "This is very firm and totally repositions my back in the car," noted one reviewer.

To relieve muscle strain and spasms, many reviewers are fans of this lumbar support back brace. Featuring a double-layer design with a removable lumbar pad and sturdy steel springs, the back brace offers adjustable support that stays in place throughout the day. The brace is also covered in a breathable fabric to provide extra comfort. No wonder it's a minor cult-favorite with more than 8,000 reviews.

This large lumbar pillow offers lots of coverage and support to relieve back pain and improve posture. Made from 100% memory foam with a mesh cover, the breathable lumbar pillow has thick cushions for maximum comfort and pain relief. And thanks to adjustable straps, the ergonomic pillow fits on most office chairs and car seats. Choose from navy or black.

Relieve pain and improve posture with this inflatable cervical traction device that keeps your neck upright. Just place the device around your neck, inflate it using the hand pump, and wear it for up to 30 minutes at a time to stretch your neck and increase circulation. One reviewer wrote: "I get really miserable spasms from working on sewing. This neck brace gives me total relief for the day after only 15 or 20 minutes of wear."

Made from soft and supportive memory foam, this orthopedic knee pillow stays in place while you sleep thanks to its contoured shape. The ergonomic pillow helps align your spine, hips, and knees — especially if you're a side sleeper — and there's a cooling gel layer to keep you cool and ease inflammation.

This leg elevation pillow improves circulation and eases pain in your back, legs, hips, and knees. Made from high-density memory foam, this wedge pillow can be used while in bed, on the couch, or anywhere else you might want a leg up. It can even be used as a torso support for leaning. Plus, there's a hypoallergenic cover that's soft, breathable, and machine-washable.

Featuring a stretchy and strappy design with soft padding, this lightweight posture corrector can be buckled across the sternum or stomach for different levels of supportive tension. The adjustable back support brace improves spinal alignment and engages muscles to help reduce back pain and fatigue. "An absolutely fantastic product that is both supportive and flexible," wrote one reviewer.

This lumbar travel pillow makes it so easy to stay comfortable on the go. Featuring a self-inflating design, just open the air valve to begin inflating. You can even then adjust it to the ideal firmness for you. The pillow has die-cut foam down the center to ease pressure on your spine, while the dense sides prevent sideways movement. With a 4.5-star rating after more 1,000 reviews, it's customer approved.

This sports bra provides maximum comfort and support even without an underwire. Featuring reinforced cups, an adjustable hook-and-eye closure, and wide padded straps, this sports bra can help distribute weight and relieve back and shoulder pain throughout the day. And since it's made from a breathable and moisture-wicking blend of polyester, nylon, and elastane with a mesh insert, the bra also keeps you cool. Choose from nine styles and colors, including classic white.

Elevate your feet and legs with this adjustable foot rest which rocks back and forth for extra flexibility. The ergonomic foot rest lifts your legs, knees, and feet to relieve back pain and boost circulation, and the textured surface provides a great foot massage, too. One reviewer wrote: "It keeps my legs elevated comfortably at my desk and allows me to move and stretch and keep my feet busy throughout the day."

The PostureMedic posture corrector is a super simple way to improve spinal alignment without restricting your movement by wearing it for short periods throughout the day. It comes in a range of sizes so you can find the right one to help with back pain and engage your muscles. "It helped me stretch out the ligaments and muscles necessary to correct 'computer slouch,' " noted one reviewer.

For super portable posture support while sitting, try this posture belt. The lightweight posture trainer fits on your lower back and knees to improve spinal alignment and stabilize your pelvis. And because it folds up and fits easily inside a bag, you can tote this just about anywhere.

The UpRight Go smart posture corrector discreetly attaches to your upper back and uses gentle vibration to remind you to sit up or stand straight. It also connects to a smartphone app that lets you create daily posture goals and track your posture throughout the day. If you're into data to keep you motivated and committed, this one is for you. "The app is simple and super easy to use and helped me stay aware and understand my training process," wrote one reviewer.

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