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2022-08-08 06:31:12 By : Ms. Suri Yu

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Whether you've been faithful to your exercise routine during pregnancy or are looking for a safe and comfortable way to stay fit, now is the perfect time to work out in the water. You don't have to know how to swim, and you don't even have to get your hair wet to reap the benefits of water exercise.

Low-impact activities like swimming don't involve a lot of bouncing, stretching, or bending your joints. This is especially helpful because connective tissues in your joints can stretch much more easily during pregnancy. This means that high-impact and high-resistance exercises can increase your risk of joint injury.

In addition, water exercises are especially good for women suffering from swollen ankles or for whom weight gain has made exercising more difficult.

What are the benefits of exercising in water?

Moving in water is like lifting liquid weights, say water-exercise devotees. When you perform a biceps curl out of water, you have to lift the weight, but then gravity helps you lower it down again. In the water, however, you must make an effort to move the weight in both directions, working both your biceps and triceps, the muscles on the upper and lower parts of your arm. You can heighten the intensity of your workout by increasing the weight or using resistance tools, such as dumbbell-shaped paddles or web-shaped gloves.

Does working out in the water do anything special for me during pregnancy?

Water exercise forces you to strengthen your core muscles -- especially the abdominals and lower back -- almost without trying. That's because you must contract and use these muscles in order to stabilize yourself as you move in a pool. Performing abdominal exercises out of water, even if you're lying on your back, doesn't prepare your muscles for the way you use them in real life. In the water, you work them while standing upright by simply walking through the water.

Are there any specific exercises I can do if I'm just a beginner?

The following workout, designed by Mary Sanders, MS, a water-exercise researcher based at the University of Nevada in Reno, is so gentle that even a beginner can do it. Make sure to ask for your physician's approval even if you exercised before your pregnancy.

Get into the water and warm up for five minutes, swimming laps, or just walking back and forth across the pool. Then alternate the four strength-training moves below with one of these aerobic intervals:

Here are the strength exercises:

Do I need any special equipment to exercise in a pool?

Not really, but if you want to increase the challenge of your workouts, using a few simple tools will increase the cardiovascular and strength-building effects of water exercise. Here are a few essentials. You can find these items at many sporting goods stores:

Where can I find a water exercise class near me?

To find a prenatal water exercise program in your area, contact the following organizations:

A lot of local schools and parks have swimming pools, as well. Check your local parks and recreation department for classes.

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