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Product DescriptionSizeAnkle Circumference/cmUniversal19-27Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) Aircast Sport Ankle Brace with Pump InstructionProduct Name: Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) Aircast Sport Ankle Brace with Pump  Product Composition: Thermoplastic panels, airbag,strapFeatures:▪ Thermoplastic panel

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Product Description
SizeAnkle Circumference/cm

Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) Aircast Sport Ankle Brace with Pump Instruction

Product Name: Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) Aircast Sport Ankle Brace with Pump



Product Composition: Thermoplastic panels, airbag,strap


▪ Thermoplastic panels provide stable ankle support.

▪ The medial inflator ensure fit to ankle shape to enhance the

anchoring effect.

▪ Adjustable straps designed to be worn more applicable.

▪ Overlapping design to increase the comfort of brace wear.

Scope of Application:

▪ External fixation of ankle sprain.

▪ Unstable external fixation of the ankle.

▪ Postoperative external fixation of ankle soft tissue injury.

▪ External fixation after plaster removal


Ankle Brace
Ankle Brace
Ankle Brace
Ankle Brace
Ankle Brace
Ankle Brace


1. Please purchase and use under the guidance of doctors.

2. The metal part of the water should be used as soon as possible with a dry cloth to wipe clean; damp environment can lead to corrosion, rust.

3. Soft fabric washed with damp cloth and soft detergent, avoid acidic corrosive substances.

4. The storage temperature should be in 15-30 ºC, humidity below 60%, and storage in a cool place.

Packing & Delivery

small carton 62*40*40cm

large carton  73*49.5*42cm

All the international express and transportation is available with best price and service.

Product nameCodeSpec.Quantity/small cartonQuantity/large carton
Panel type lumbar supportKDZJ-JZ-011S-XXXL36
Adjustable knee braceKDZJ-XB-001Universal612
Adjustable elbow braceKDZJ-ZB-001Universal612
Adjustable neck braceKDZJ-JZ-010Universal26
Arm sling(winter style)KDZJ-ZB-003Universal6084
Arm sling(summer style)KDZJ-ZB-002Universal70108
Arm sling(enhanced style)KDZJ-ZB-004Universal4868
Dennis splintKDZJ-ZH-003(8-16)1227
First metacarpal bone braceKDZJ-SB-001Universal60114
Four or Five metacarpal bone braceKDZJ-SB-002Universal60114
Distal phalanx braceKDZJ-SB-003Universal60114
Middle phalanx braceKDZJ-SB-004Universal60114
Proximal phalanx braceKDZJ-SB-005Universal60114
Palm Wrist OrthosisKDZJ-ZW-001(S,L)71114
Adjustable Ankle-foot braceKDZJ-ZH-002(S-L)1215
Lumbar braceKDZJ-JZ-007Universal610
Hinged Hip anduction OrthosisKDZJ-KB-001Universal68
Pediatric Hinged Hip Abduction BraceKDZJ-KB-002(S-L)916
Shoulder abduction BraceKDZJ-JB-002(S,L)3-510
Cervical Thoracic orthosisKDZJ-JZ-002Universal814
Cervical CollarKDZJ-JZ-001(S-L)2040
Ankle -foot OrthosisKDZJ-ZH-001(S-XL)2035
Emergency Neck collarKDZJ-JZ-009Adult3070
Emergency Neck collarKDZJ-JZ-008Children50100

Ankle Brace

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Ankle Brace
Ankle Brace
Ankle Brace
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